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My Puppies

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I breed when I want something for myself which is not terribly often (I only like to have as many dogs as can fit on my California King at one time). The rest of the litter is placed in homes where they are treated like cherished children and where they will either go on to be champions of the couch or champions of the show ring. Untold amounts of blood, sweat, and tears go into producing and raising puppies. Their life long welfare is my only objective when finding perfect homes. I am going to crawl all up in your business to make sure you are the right home.


The first step is to fill out a Puppy Application. If you are a couple please fill it out together. Please do not skip questions or answer incompletely. There is no such thing as too much information. You MUST HAVE A PERMANENT AND SECURELY FENCED YARD TO BE CONSIDERED for a puppy. Please be ready to tell me everything about your past, present and future. If you are not comfortable answering personal questions about your life situation please save both of us a lot of time and find another breeder. I expect prospective puppy buyers to come with just as many questions and I expect my honesty will be returned. Not having owned a Doberman before does NOT disqualify you, but I will want to know about the other dogs you have grown up with or owned in your life. Please tell me how old they were when they passed and what the cause of death was. I will also want to know how you came to acquire your dogs… rescue, breeder, friend? I will require references and recent photos of your home and yard if a home visit is not possible. I hope to forge the beginnings of a long supportive relationship with my puppy buyers.


Puppies are evaluated around 8 wks of age and deemed either companions with show potential or companions only. All puppies are docked and given beautiful show crops regardless. All puppies are sold on a contract. Companion only puppies will go with a limited registration (meaning their offspring can not be registered with AKC) and WILL be spayed or neutered at 18 months of age. Show potential puppies are sold with full registration. All puppies, both show and companion only puppies will be co-owned. This is my way of ensuring that all of my puppies will always have what they need to live their best lives.

Early Socialization/Temperament

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A heavily socialized puppy is on its way to being a rock who can tolerate change and stress. My puppies do not just grow up “under foot” they go thru Early Neurological Stimulation practices and Puppy Culture activities at appropriate stages of psychological development that have been proven to improve puppy’s ability to withstand stress and tolerate change. They are exposed to toy dogs from an early age and experience people from all different walks of life. Remember, I breed to prove my dogs in the conformation show ring. Puppies’ mental stability and confidence is required to excel in this chaotic environment. Companion only puppies benefit from the same level of socialization as do my show puppies. I will not use a dog/bitch who “sees dead people” in my breeding program no matter how many awards they have won in the breed ring. Hearing what a laid back and confident adult one of my puppies grew up to be makes all the hard work worth it!

STUD Dogs Used and Health Testing

Stud dogs are carefully chosen from all over the country to solidify breed type, temperament, and structure. Breeding for health and longevity is extremely important in a breed besieged by inheritable diseases such as Dilated Cardiomyopathy  Until science finds a reliable genetic marker for DCM it will continue to plague the breed, but in the meantime responsible breeders will utilize the diagnostic tests we do have. All of my bitches and any stud dog I use undergoes the following testing:


24 hr holter 




Degenerative myelopathy

Chagas Disease

A Word About Showing


Showing your dog does not mean jetting off to Westminster to be on TV. It is more like watching your kid compete in little league or cheer camp. It is a very family friendly affair and there are many opportunities for kids to learn valuable life lessons in an informal setting. The dogs LOVE it and all that early socialization is put to work while interacting with fun people and new doggie buddies. If you are curious to know more please ask me!

My Commitment to You and 

Your New Puppy


This will be a long term relationship. It is important for you to know that I am not the kind of breeder you’re never going to hear from again after you take your baby home. If you are unsure if the puppy is the right fit for you and your family please seek my counsel and if necessary bring the baby back to me. In fact I will insist on staying in contact with you on a regular basis. If this sounds intrusive I may not be your breeder. I will want at bare minimum photos and videos of him every 6 months. If I don’t hear from you and I have reason to be concerned about one of my puppies I WILL show up on your doorstep. 


I will want him to have an echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist and a 24 hr holter once a yr. starting at age 2. I will ask that you consult me if you are having any problems or concerns including veterinary issues. I love these puppies and am responsible and committed to them for their entire lives. It is important that I at least know that they are where they need to be and are cherished members of the family. 


If he’s just not acting right I want to be your first call. If he did something hilarious I want to laugh with you. If you’re unsure about how to handle something I am a phone call away. Do not let me learn that my puppy broke a leg on Facebook. You need to call me first. If you are unsure of what food or how much to feed I will help. If you need training advice I am your first resource. Remember I am a professional show dog handler. There isn’t a lot I haven’t seen. That means if this is your first dobe or first large breed dog you should be seeking my advice on everything. If this is your first dobe and you assume you know more about it than I do you need to find a breeder who hasn’t invested as much of her life in to the preservation of the breed as I have. All of my knowledge and experience is at your disposal. I expect you to utilize it. 


I don’t have time to nag my puppy people so you don’t have to worry about me being all up in your business but I do LOVE those silly sweet pix of my puppies as often as you can. If I get pix from you to laugh and cry at I don’t have to ask for them at all. 


If this sounds like the kind of long term relationship you are looking for we are on the right track. 




It is my goal to provide my puppy owners with the support and guidance they need to raise their puppy to be the dog of their dreams. I am more than happy to give food, supplement, equipment, and training recommendations. I can provide contact info for a previous puppy owner as reference and I will do my best to help you find the right puppy for you whether it is from me or another reputable breeder. If you have never posted ears before or just need a little brush up on your skills I am happy to explain/demonstrate my methods as many times as you need to get those beautiful ears standing the way they should. Please see my Ear Posting and Nail dremeling videos. I am not a helicopter breeder but I love receiving photos and updates on your baby. In fact, it will save us both a lot of energy if you send me several pictures of the baby in the first couple of weeks of his adjustment to his new life. No concern is too small for my attention. I am responsible for the well being of every puppy I bring into the world from the day it’s born to the day it crosses the rainbow bridge. I encourage my puppy owners to consult me on any challenge or concern regarding one of my dogs. It is my goal to forge a long lasting relationship with each puppy owner that will benefit us both.


Puppies do not go to their new homes until ear edges are healed and stitches are removed so generally not before 9 weeks.


Puppies will be akc registered, micro chipped, and started on the Dr. Dodd’s puppy vaccination protocol 


You MUST have a securely fenced yard to be considered.


Male puppies will not be placed in a home with another large breed male dog.


Puppies are between $4000-$5000 depending on factors such as sire and dam’s accomplishments in the show ring and puppy’s designation as pet or show and for older puppies/young adults how much training/showing I have already invested. 


Should anything ever happen to you or your situation that would preclude you from keeping one of my puppies by contract THEY MUST BE RETURNED TO ME.

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