Dobermans for Dummies

What is the difference between an AKC Registered dog and an AKC Champion dog?

The American Kennel Club will REGISTER ANY DOG who’s sire and dam were registered as the same breed. An American Kennel Club Championship title is achieved by competing in AKC Conformation shows and defeating other dogs of the same breed to accumulate points.

What is the difference between an AKC Ch and a UKC/International Ch?

An AKC Breed Championship is very difficult to achieve. It can take years of showing and thousands of dollars to accomplish. A dog must be chosen by multiple judges to be better than the competition (sometimes over 100 or more other dogs) on multiple occasions to complete an AKC Championship. In contrast, you can complete a dog’s UKC championship in one wknd and the dog must only beat 1 (one) other dog 3 different times to do so. Completing an International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) title is just as easy. Do not be fooled by a breeder who has UKC or IABCA Champions only!

I don’t want a show dog. Why should I buy from a breeder who shows their dogs in the AKC breed ring?
Why is it important to buy from a breeder who shows and finishes their dogs’ championships in the AKC breed ring?

Judges in AKC conformation shows compare every exhibit to the written breed standard. The written standard defines the perfect Doberman, a dog capable of covering ground effortlessly and efficiently, a dog strong enough and agile enough to take down a full grown man if necessary, a dog sound enough to work for its master in a variety of disciplines its whole life without suffering debilitating physical breakdown, a dog who is alert and fearless without a hint of viciousness, in other words a dog that can do what it was bred to do. The judge chooses the dog most worthy of contributing to the gene pool. In this way breeders who’s dogs win enough to finish their championships are proving their dogs are worthy of being bred. Not every puppy out of champion parents is worthy of a championship. These puppies are placed in loving companion homes on a spay/neuter contract and will never be bred, but these puppies still benefit from all the hard work and dedication of the breeder to produce healthy stable dogs.

What is the difference between “Champion Bloodlines” and a Champion Sire and Dam?

“Champion Bloodlines” usually means somewhere way back in a dog’s pedigree there was one or two AKC champion dogs. It may also mean the breeder shows only in UKC or international shows. Responsible Breeders show their dogs in the AKC conformation ring to prove their dogs are capable of producing beautiful, sound, stable puppies. Who knows what kind of puppies breeders who do not show are producing. Are you willing to take that chance?

Why can’t I see both the parents on site of a Responsible Breeder?

The right stud dog for your bitch is usually not conveniently found in your backyard, LOL! Responsible Breeders spend many hours researching pedigrees and health records to find the genes we need to make improvements on the current generation. We may drive a bitch or ship frozen semen cross country when planning a breeding. 

What is a King or Warlock Doberman?

Many years ago there was an important dog in the history of our breed named Brong The Warlock. He was a standard sized Doberman. BYB now use this term as a gimmick to attract gullible buyers looking for a “bad ass” oversized dog. Similarly, BYBs call anything oversized a “King” Doberman

What is a white Doberman and why don’t I want one?

The first spontaneously born albino Doberman was born in November 10, 1976. Her name was Padula’s Queen Sheba (“Sheba”). Albino (“white”) Dobermans quickly gained a niche market for their novelty. They have been exploited for years by BYB who sell these poor dogs as “rare white” Dobermans. In truth, they suffer from significant health issues such as photophobia/photosensitivity (abnormal intolerance to light), skin lesions and tumors (skin cancer). These animals also often have temperament issues due to their lack of visual acuity and many end up in animal and Doberman rescues abandoned by owners ill-equipped to handle them. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America does not condone the deliberate breeding of dogs prone to serious health problems such as the White doberman

What is the difference between “Euro” and American bred Dobermans?

Responsible breeders do not advertise, “Euro Lines!” This usually means the breeder has imported a poorly bred dog from Europe and bred it to anything that will stand. True Euro bred Dobermans have a completely different look and temperament than their American counterparts. They are usually VERY high drive dogs that can be difficult to live with. Because of this high drive they can make good Schutzhund and bite work dogs. Unless you intend to work your new Euro puppy 23 hrs of the day with a professional I recommend steering clear of this designation . He is not going to be happy just hanging out on the couch all day. If not put to work these dogs will find something to do on their own and you won’t like the result. “Euro” is a gimmick BYB’s use and does not mean better!

Is it true that a doberman’s brain will grow larger than it’s skull and cause it to go crazy?

Really? I don’t have to answer that do I?

How can I tell the difference between a Responsible Breeder and  BYB? 

•    With very few exceptions a Responsible Breeder will NEVER send a puppy home uncropped/undocked. If you have to pay extra for cropping …. You’ve found a BYB!
•    Responsible Breeders do not use Craigslist, the newspaper, or “Trade Days” to sell puppies
•    Responsible Breeders never make money breeding Dobermans . They don’t even break even. They do it for the love of the breed. Therefore it’s not uncommon for a Responsible Breeder to have 1 or 2 litters once a year or even only once in 3 or 4 yrs. BYBs make money breeding lots of litters. Spending money on showing, ongoing health testing, and puppy socialization would cut into their profits. 
•    If the sire and or dam of the litter are not AKC Champions (Not just AKC registered) you have found a BYB!
•    Responsible Breeders do not breed White Dobermans!
•    Responsible Breeders do not sell King (Oversized) or Warlock Dobermans!
•    Responsible breeders do not advertise “Champion bloodlines!”
•    Responsible breeders will vet you THOROUGHLY before selling you a puppy. Their puppies are just this side of their flesh and blood. Get ready for a real shake down, lol!
•    Responsible breeders will be there to support their puppy owners for the life of the dog

What will I get when I buy from a Responsible Breeder that I won’t get from a BYB?

•    A beautiful puppy that comes from a carefully planned breeding between 2 health tested parents with stable temperaments who have proved they are worthy of being bred in the AKC conformation ring with the goal of improving the Doberman breed as a whole
•    A mentor and support system for the lifetime of the dog.
•    A wealth of information about the breed
•    A safe home for the dog if you EVER have to give it up NO QUESTIONS ASKED
•    Answers to your questions about health, nutrition, behavior, training, and anything else you may want to know about your dog
•    Assistance posting your new puppy’s ears

What is the difference between a Companion Puppy and a Show Puppy?

Most litters from Champion parents are made up of puppies that have been evaluated to be show/breed potential and those who the breeder does not think are worthy of carrying on their line. We call these puppies companion puppies. The designation is misleading in that it suggests that show prospects are somehow NOT companions. They are ALL companions first and foremost. Sometimes a puppy will not get all of it’s adult teeth, or one testicle will not drop. Sometimes a puppy just lacks some of the qualities the breeder was trying to improve upon. Things like this can disqualify it from being shown, but more importantly they are traits Responsible breeders do not want to pass on to the next generation. Sometimes breeders will “grow a puppy out” or hold on to a puppy for months to see how they turn out. Sometimes these wonderful puppies will just not pass the muster, but they will make someone a fantastic companion. These puppies are a real find because the breeder has done all the heavy lifting for you….they are usually crate and potty trained and have good house manners. Plus their ears are usually standing by then!
You get what you pay for….sometimes!

If BYB don’t spend all the money to health test and prove their dogs in the show ring why do some of them charge as much and sometimes much more than Responsible Breeders do?

Answer: Because people who have not read this page will pay it!

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