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Whiskey Mac Dobermans

I started out in obedience when I was a kid in 4-H. My junior high school English teacher competed with her Keeshonds all over CA and asked if I wanted to go with one day. It’s been all down hill since then. A slow steady slide into the oblivion of dog addiction. I was given a golden retriever puppy from a show litter when I was 10 on the condition that I compete in AKC obedience. By the time I was 12 Brodie and I were consistently winning High in Trial over the adults we competed against.


As a young adult after college when I finally had a house with a yard I set out to find the right breed for me. I knew I wanted a medium sized square dog with elegance and strength, a short coated breed that would be energetic without being annoying, something smart but not a rocket scientist who might figure out how to turn on the gas stove and blow the house up, a loyal loving companion who would look at me every day thinking I hung the moon. What’s that you say? That’s a Doberman? Yup I had pretty much defined the characteristics of a well bred Doberman. I bought my first Doberman from one of the stalwarts of the breed, a true legacy breeder. I was lucky to have been guided from the very beginning by people who cared deeply not just for the Doberman breed but for the dog fancy as a whole. I succumbed to the show addiction soon after. I now fund my own show habit by handling beautiful dogs of many breeds owned by addicts like myself at AKC shows all over the Southwest. I realize that this is not the path many follow to get to their final destination of buying a well bred dog.

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Most fall in love with a breed, buy their first dog out of the paper or out of the back of someone’s van. Many never learn any better, but you have obviously found your way past all the “Champion Blood lines!” and “King Dobermans!” ads in the sea of backyard breeders. When you breed dogs in the pursuit of improving the breed you generally hemorrhage a constant stream of money, spend countless hours driving to the next show in Southern Fungal Egypt , and what’s worse is that …. you like it! It’s a sad state of affairs.


If you are looking for some canine eye candy with a solid dependable temperament and a breeder who you can call in the middle of the night when you find that giant chocolate Easter bunny has disappeared in to the vacuum like maw of your new puppy….you have come to the right place. My puppies are not from “Champion Bloodlines” (read there was one fringe kennel club champion 16 generations back) they are out of American Kennel Club breed Champion parents. Please read Dobermans for Dummies to find out what all that mumbo jumbo means. Wherever you get your next puppy I hope I have given you the tools you need to find your perfect puppy from a great breeder.

NOTE: I do not condone or support the breeding of the "white"/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation

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